Liigu sisu juurde


If you can manage ideas, people, dates, numbers, and everything else while all the pieces are at odds with each other, you probably would not need our services. But if you are planning the event on your own or need some professional local advice without hiring a full-time consultant, give us a call and we will help you with your planning needs!

Our agency opened in 2020. Based in Tallinn, we operate across the Baltic States and Northern Europe. We are not a heavily-advertised agency that ‘leads’ the business but we strive for excellence to deliver bespoke services and help our customers to avoid unjustified expenses and time consuming communication. Our expertise, proven vendor network, and tailored approach enable us to provide comprehensive event planning services for flawless execution.

We are qualified, multilingual professionals who take care of every detail to ensure that the services offered completely satisfy all your needs. From now you can relax and enjoy your event while we will be the on-site contact for all vendors and guests, checking with you on details only when necessary.